Hip Pain

Having hip pain is not uncommon because our hips bear most of our body weight. Prolonged and constant wear and tear can cause the hip to deteriorate or weaken, which causes pain. Leaving hip pain untreated can cause back or leg pain. Knowing the root causes behind your hip pain is an essential first step in determining treatment. The most common cause of hip pain is arthritis but there can be many other reasons. If your hip pain is preventing you from performing your daily tasks or limiting your quality of life, NJ Spine and Pain Center can help.

At NJ Spine and Pain Center, Dr. Bhatt specializes in non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments to help our patients ease or eliminate their hip pain. Keep reading to learn how we help our patients manage their hip pain:

  1. Exercise/Physical Therapy: Physical therapy and exercise programs can stretch and strengthen your muscles and the soft tissue in your hip joint to improve hip support, mobility, and flexibility. 
  2. Medications: Anti-inflammatory medications are commonly used to help with hip pain. Topical analgesics can also be rubbed on the painful areas to provide temporary relief. 
  3. Interventional treatment: Steroid injections in the hip, trochanteric bursa, and other areas may be used to treat your hip pain. Dr. Bhatt also specializes in platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) injections that use platelets from your own blood to improve tissue regeneration and repair cartilage. These injections are done using X-ray or ultrasound guidance and can be done with or without sedation to ensure a quick and painless procedure. 
  4.  Aids: Braces, crutches, orthotic insoles, and walkers can help reduce stress on the hip joints. These aids are ideal for patients who are at a higher risk for losing their balance and fall when walking. While it may take some time to get used to the aids, all aids are customized to best fit your needs. 

If you are wondering which treatment options are best for your hip pain, please call NJ Spine and Pain Center at 609-587-6070 to set up a consultation at any of our locations.

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