Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Joint Pain: Be Informed

Having pain in your joints can make performing daily tasks tough and cause constant discomfort and uneasiness. You may realize that you no longer enjoy activities you previously did due to joint pain or discomfort. Understand that you no longer have to live with severe joint pain and certain interventional treatments and other conservative measures can help you achieve a better quality of life. Keep reading to understand more about joint pain and the treatments we offer at NJ Spine and Pain Center.

Our board certified physician, Dr. Bhatt, is an expert at treating all types of joint pain. There are multiple types of joint pain:

And many more. It is possible that you may feel joint pain in multiple areas at the same time.

Causes of Joint Pain:

There can be many factors that lead to joint pain. Your pain may be due to injury, age, infections, or inflammation. Common causes of joint pain are:

It is not necessary to live with joint pain. Dr. Bhatt and the trained medical professionals at NJ Spine and Pain Center can help you live your life pain free. Please call our office at 609-587-6070 to schedule an appointment at any of our locations.

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