Neck and Back Epidurals

Neck and Back Epidurals

Having neck and back pain can severely impact a person’s quality of life. The pain can interfere with the ability to work, sleep, and enjoy daily activities with friends and family. The pain you feel may cause tingling and numbness in the arms and hands for the cervical region or in the back, legs, and buttocks for the lumbar region.

If you are having neck and back pain, our board-certified physician, Dr. Bhatt can administer multiple types of steroid injections to help ease your pain. Keep reading to learn more about epidural procedures.

What is an Epidural Steroid Injection?

Epidural steroid injections send steroid medications into the epidural space surrounding the nerve roots in the spine. These injections help to ease the pain in various parts of your body; such as, the back, legs, shoulder, neck, and arms that can be caused due to irritated spinal nerves.

The steroid in the epidural injections reduces nerve inflammation. For most patients, the relief felt following an epidural steroid injection is 60-90% relief. The primary purpose of an epidural steroid injection is to ease the pain felt and help the patient to progress with their current modes of treatment.

How do Epidural Steroid Injections Work?

Epidural steroid injections send anti-inflammatory medications accurately and precisely to painful areas. These types of injections can be given as simply steroid or mixed with anesthetics or saline. In order to accurately and precisely place the needle at the proper injection site, Dr. Bhatt uses X-ray guidance via a fluoroscopy machine.

The epidural steroid injection controls inflammation at the nerve root causing pain in the neck, back, or legs. Reducing the inflammation helps ensure a faster healing process of the injured area. There can be many causes behind inflammation of the nerve root(s). Pinched nerves or damaged discs are the most common causes. As a result of these inflamed areas, you may experience pain, tingling, and numbness depending on the area of the inflamed nerve. The steroid injected spreads into the nerve endings, which then distributes an anti-inflammatory effect around the painful areas.

Various Types of Epidural Steroid Injections

There are multiple different types of steroid injections. At NJ Spine and Pain Center, Dr. Bhatt performs various types of these injections.

  1. Caudal Epidural: If your pain is focused on your lower back and occasionally radiating to your buttocks, a caudal epidural may be right for you. This injection is performed by injecting a needle below the lumbar spine (lower back). Caudal epidurals are beneficial in easing leg pain due to herniated discs and sciatica pain. When changes from post-surgical cases prohibit other types of treatment, a caudal epidural can help.
  2. Transforaminal Epidural: If your pain starts in your lower back and continues down your legs, a transforaminal epidural may help you. A transforaminal epidural is done by inserting a needle between the spine and the spinal cord and spreads medication to the area where the nerve root exits the spine. This injection helps ease multiple types of lower back pain.
  3. Intralaminar Epidurals: If you are having neck, arm, back or leg pain, an intralaminar epidural may help ease your pain. This injection is performed by injecting steroid into the middle of the epidural space of the spine within the affected region. This procedure can treat multiple pain areas at the same time.

Dr. Bhatt thoroughly evaluates every patient and considers their medical history before recommending the best type of epidural steroid injection that meets the patient’s needs. Each epidural steroid injection can be done with or without sedation to ensure a short and painless procedure.

What are the Benefits of an Epidural Steroid Injection?

If you have back or neck problems caused by spinal stenosis, herniated discs, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, radiculitis, or any other issue, an epidural steroid injection may be right for you.

An epidural steroid injection can relieve neck and back pain without the negative side effects related to oral medications. Having an epidural steroid injection can help delay surgery.

Living with neck and back pain does not have to be permanent. Call NJ Spine and Pain Center at 609-587-6070 and schedule an appointment at any of our offices for your consultation.

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