Spinal Surgery Complications


There are risks of complications associated with any surgery. A surgery performed near the spine is a delicate procedure in which both mechanical and biological complications may occur with varying frequency and severity.

A common problem that can develop after surgery is thrombophlebitis. This is a condition in which a vein becomes inflamed as a result of a blood clot, irritation from an IV needle, or infection near a vein. This usually leads to tenderness and pain in the tissue surrounding the affected vein.

Complications related to the lungs also may develop following surgery. These problems can result from anesthetic medications or from extended stays in bed, that can lead to abnormal breathing and infection.

In time, surgically implanted metal screws, rods, or plates may break or move. This can be painful and require a second surgery to replace or repair the damaged hardware.

Other complications may include: infection, persistent pain, Transitional Syndrome, pseudoarthrosis, and spinal cord injury.

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