Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome


The sacrum of your spine is attached to each ilium of the pelvis. These joints are called the sacroiliac joints or “SI joints”.

Each joint is encased and strengthened by strong bands of connective tissue called ligaments. These ligaments allow approximately two to four millimeters of movement during weight-bearing and forward flexion.

When these ligaments become damaged or worn down by age they allow the joint to have excessive motion. This excessive motion inflames and disrupts the joint, resulting in Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome.

Symptoms can include: pain in the lower back, buttocks, and thighs as well as difficulty sitting.

There are many treatments for Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome. One treatment is a brace that fits snuggly around the waste. This brace prevents irregular motion of the joints. Physical therapy may also be used to manipulate and stabilize the joints. In more complicated cases surgery might be needed.

There are several potential complications associated with this procedure that should be discussed with a doctor prior to surgery.

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